The HICT, high intensity continuous training, is a training method used for increase the aerobic strength endurance in sports. This method is widely used for combat sports conditioning (boxing, MMA, wrestling…). The objective of high intensity continuous training is improve the resistance to the efforts trough the rise of mitochondrial number in fast twitch muscle fibers (IIa). The IIa type is only muscle fibers which may have this mitochondrial increase for their physiological characteristics.

Is necessary utilize not specific exercises for monitoring the principal parameter: heart rate (bpm). The indicate exercises or machines are spinbike, sled dragging, versaclimber. Is very important not exceed the anaerobic threshold (around 155-165 bpm) for obtain the right effects. For some authors, the problem of this training is the decrement of FTa rapid contraction and dimension, therefore is important combine the HICT with plyometrics workouts [1,2].

Example of training
  • Versaclimber: 15-20′ of continuous work (with the hearth rate under the anaerobic threshold);
  • Rest (5-8 minutes);
  • Sandbag Box Step Ups: 15-20′ of continuous work (with the hearth rate under the anaerobic threshold).

To notice, in the video of  the versaclimber, the heart rate monitor, an essential tool for a correct work.

Good training.

This article is written by an Italian person, I apologize for any possible spelling errors. Any correction is welcome.


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